High-Speed Internet Access For Remote Irish Communities

High-Speed Internet Access For Remote Irish Communities

We are in the information age controlled by an on-demand knowledge culture. Ireland is among one of the most connected countries on the planet and the Net has become so central to our lives that lots of people can not do their job or stay in touch without it.


In other words, today’s world demands high-speed Web accessibility and the need for high-speed internet is growing rapidly as the Internet has become an important part of our modern lives. 

However, what happens if you’re amongst the 31.4% of Irish people who live in the rural area and remote neighbourhoods that don’t have good internet connectivity or internet access? 

Typically, these areas of the country have actually been underserved by the simple fact that the business economics of a land-based system will never justify mass deployment. 

Fortunately, there is a service for a lot of these remote locals– a high-speed satellite Internet solution provided by Rural Wifi. Rural WiFi is the only Broadband Company in Ireland that guarantees connectivity no matter where you live.

We are unique because we have 3 different types of Broadband Solutions, allowing us to offer you the best fit solution based on your location.


Satellite Broadband

Mobile Broadband

High-speed Broadband


Rural Wifi broadband is an internet solution that is always on and also offered to any individual, anywhere in Ireland without a phone line.

It’s a broadband Internet access service that is always on and is available to anyone, anywhere in Ireland without a phone line which normally comes with an extra cost. 


Increasingly, high-speed internet is currently a must-have service in many homes and workplace. According to Ireland’s National Broadband, the substantial majority of Irish homes and businesses requires high-speed Internet access to stream music, download movies, make shopping and access the government site such as my revenue.ie. 

All elements of our culture are being modified by the availability of the Internet to the point that e-business and e-learning are seen by many as essential to the development of our economy.

Without high-speed access, the benefits of these brand-new services are generally limited to Irish citizens living in the rural locations of our nation. Therefore, we will encourage you to get in touch and let us connect you to the world at an affordable price.

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